People have a lot of questions for those who live in Utica. Some of those questions though, get really, REALLY old.

Whether you've lived in Utica your whole life, a few years, or even a couple of months, it's almost guaranteed that you've been asked some ridiculous questions about living in the area. Some questions more ridiculous than others. Here are just a few questions Uticans are tired of answering.

1. Why Would You Want to Live in Utica?

How can you even ask that? Do you ask people in Las Vegas why they live there? Or people in Florida, 'how can you live where it's so hot?' Just because you can only see certain bad aspects of an area, doesn't mean there isn't any good. No matter which way you look at this, it's not really a nice question to ask.

2. Is Tomato Pie Like Apple Pie?

Hey, some people just don't know. And that's okay. We're not mad about explaining tomato pie - It gives us a chance to show off our unique cuisine in Central New York. Although, most of us get asked this a lot, and it does get old after a while. But for newcomers we won't hold this against you.

3. It's So Boring Here - What Do You Do for Fun?

Again, a terrible question to ask. You can get bored anywhere, but that's a problem with you, not the city. There's plenty to do in Utica, you just have to keep an open mind. Maybe get some friends together and head out to Utica Coffee Roasting Company. Have some local drinks, and wander the town. Go to the Utica Zoo, go shopping, see a Comets Game, watch a show at the Stanley, walk around one of the many parks in Utica... That's just a few things to do. There's plenty more.

4. Why Don't the Roads Make Any Sense?

Okay, so we're not perfect, but no one is. Yes, the roads can get pretty tricky here. You make a wrong turn and you can't figure out how to turn around - Every time you try, you end up in a different part of the city. That's okay, it happens. Once you spend some time in Utica you'll understand that the roads are different, but for the most part you can make sense out of them. You just have to change everything you were taught about directions.

New York City
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5. You Live in New York?! Do You Go to New York City All the Time?

"Hey, you live in Michigan?! Do you go to Detroit all the time?" Yeah, sounds ridiculous, doesn't it? There is more to New York than just New York City. Sure, we can check out the city if we want to, but that doesn't mean we spend every weekend down there. If we did, we would live down there instead of in Utica.

6. Why is Everyone So Obsessed with Food Out Here?

Yes, we love our food - But how could we not? Utica and Central New York is known for having a variety of food choices, and some unique dishes. It's one of the things that makes this area so special. Just take a tour of Utica and see all the family owned restaurants. There's so many and they all offer their unique spin on favorite dishes. There's a reason why we love our food here so much - It's SO good!

7. Why Does Everyone Hate on Utica So Much?

This is a tough question to answer, and for those in Utica who have seen the best and worst of the city, this question gets really old. Some people love to hate on where they're from (actually, A LOT of people love to do this). Some people just enjoy talking down about an area. But the truth is, Utica isn't all bad. It has been through a lot, and it's climbing it's way out of some really rough times. This happens to a lot of cities. Some times you have to deal with a lot of bad, before you can see the good. But it's happening. Some people are just stuck in that old belief about Utica and don't want to see the changes slowly happening. Those are the same people who say so many negative things, but will never leave because this is their hometown. Everyone wants an area to make fun of, to be the punchline of many jokes, and unfortunately (for now), that's Utica. But things will change. Utica is 'The Second Chance City,' and it's time for us to rise again.




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