As I was getting ready to celebrate my first birthday here in Utica, I thought it was only right to ask listeners how they usually celebrate (and of course, get ideas to help me with my own birthday plans).


Birthday Cake
Photo by:Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment

Suggestions came in from all over the place. Some were off our Lite 98.7's Facebook Page, others were sent to me through email, and even some were suggestions I had gotten from callers.

I narrowed the list to 10 ideas that I thought were the best. One idea I even ended up using to celebrating my birthday. The rest I thought were great ideas for things to do sometime in the future. Suggestions ranged from places to go out to eat like Delmonico's, to things to do like go out to the movies, or head to the casino.

Anyway, here are 10 great ways to celebrate a birthday in Utica - as suggested by our listeners. Maybe you can use these ideas for your own birthday, or if you're looking for something to do on a weekend.



I have to thank everyone for all the suggestions. It's great to get listeners input on things I could do in the area, and I'm sure I'll be looking for more suggestions and ideas for things to come!



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