Some kids are passionate about pets, some enjoy sports and some really love their donuts. Arika Suits, a 10-year-old New Hartford girl, is so into donuts she convinced a local donut store owner to introduce the "Donut of The Month", where each donut is designed by local kids just like her.

Arika has been going to Daylight Donuts since her mother Juanita was bringing her in a stroller. Over the years, Arika and Juanita struck up a friendship with the shop's owner, Chuck Sadallah. Arika developed a passion for donuts; and not just for eating them: she wants to own her very own donut store one day. She even has a name picked out: "The Little's Doughlicious". ("Little" is Arika's nickname.)

When asked why she wants to open a donut shop, Arika says, "I like to bake all different things and make people happy."

Arika's mother explains how the "Donut of The Month" came about:

Chuck learned (Arika) will be his competition in 15 years. He immediately said he wanted to name a donut after Arika. Chuck invited her to come talk this week. (When they met) he pretty much talked about the business with her. He also said he will help her when she's older to start her shop. Then he asked her if they could feature a donut/child each month so other kids aren't feeling left out.

We have to agree, donuts can definitely make people happy. If Arika is already inventing donuts at the age of 10, what is she going to be doing when she's a teenager? Whatever it is, she's certain to be a success.

Daylight Donuts will be featuring a new child and their favorite donut each month. To learn more, make sure you stop in and say hello to Netty or Chuck...tell them Arika sent you!


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