Here's one for the history books, and the Guinness Book for that matter; back in 1993, two Utica bakeries collaborated to create a colossal 3739 pound doughnut.

If 1 jelly doughnut weighs 75 grams, and their are 448 grams in a pound, then 448 divided by 75 =5.997. That means it would take an average of almost 6 donuts to equal a pound. Each jelly doughnut has about 250 calories. 250 x 3739= a whopping 934,750 calories. Considering an average human consumes 2500 calories a day, we'll then divide 934,750 by 2500. The answer is 373.9. That means this single doughnut had enough calories to meet an individual's daily needs for almost an entire year. That being said, I wouldn't advise consuming all that sugar and fat.

According to, the doughnut was huge. Not only did it weigh nearly 4000 pounds, it was also quite wide:

It was 4.9 m (16 ft.) in diameter and 40.6 (16in) high in the center. It was made in Utica, New York, USA on January 21, 1993.

This massive doughnut was created by Hemstrought’s and Donato’s Bakery. Our sister station's talk show host, Bill Keeler is credited in the Guinness Book of World Records for contributing to this colossal stunt.

If you had to consume one monster sized food, which one would you choose to eat? We here at Lite 98.7 love our pizza and wings, so something tells me Matt and Naomi wouldn't have a difficult time consuming a giant pepperoni pie or a ton of everything wings.


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