In most parts of the country, the arrival of Spring is marked by a day on the calendar. It's not that simple in CNY. There are certain signs of Spring that only CNYers understand.

In Central New York, Spring can bring a snow storm as easily as it brings sunshine - and that last snow will fall right after you've put your snowblower away for the year. In CNY, we don't rely on the calendar or the weatherman to tell us when Spring has arrived. Instead, we rely on our own system of signs.

How Central New York Knows Spring is Really Here

  1. When the town or village finally cleans up all the sand and road dirt.
  2. When you can finally see and pick up the dog poop in the yard.
  3. When everything smells like skunk.
  4. When you can see your lawn mower.
  5. When Voss opens.
  6. When we can finally pull the camper out from behind a huge wall of snow.
  7. When the golf course allows carts out.
  8. When the snow at the mall is gone.
  9. When farmers can turn some cows out.
  10. When the lake thaws out and you're boating again.
  11. When the ice cream shops are all open.

If we apply all these criteria, I guess we can expect Spring to arrive sometime in mid-May!

Did we forget any Central New York signs of Spring? 


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