Garage sale season is upon us. It's great to spend a weekend scoping out the sales, but be sure you don't break the unwritten rules of the garage sale.

Over a two-day garage sale, it seemed like we attracted the biggest jerks in all of Central New York - and they really ruined the whole experience. So what are some the things you can avoid doing so you don't turn into a garage sale jerk?

11 Things to NEVER Do at a Central New York Garage Sale

  1. Don't try and sneak valuable stuff into a pile of crap and try to pay $1.00 for it. First, they probably saw you do it, and second, that's essentially stealing.
  2. Don't show up two hours before the sale opens and sit in the driveway. Dogs go ballistic, kids get creeped out, and it makes me people want to egg your car.
  3. Don't criticize pricing. You don't want to pay $1 for hardcover cookbooks? Then don't. But don't offer a lecture on what "all the other garage sales are charging."
  4. Don't try to bargain down very small ticket items. Sure, if you're buying 10 things - try to get a deal on the lot, but if something in 10 cents, don't try to pay 5.
  5. Don't block the road, or park on the grass. Seriously.
  6. Don't leave your kids unattended - just because someone has toys for sale, doesn't mean they offer daycare.
  7. Don't pay with a check. Don't even ask. Cash is king.
  8. Don't ask to bring something home without paying to "see if it fits/matches/looks good/you like it." It's a yard sale, not a library.
  9. Don't steal stuff. Obvious, right? Not to some people.
  10. Don't try to return an item. Uh uh. No backsies.
  11. Don't try and manipulate people into giving you stuff for free by telling them a sob story about how you're down to your last dollar - and then whip out a wad of $20s to pay for your stuff. (Just saying, person who tried this on me!)

If you follow these simple rules, everyone can enjoy yard sale season. But I'm still never having one.

And, if you want to hit hundreds of yard sales in one spot, come on over to the World's Largest Yard Sale! It's happening June 12 at the Herkimer County Fairgrounds in Frankfort. Find out more here.

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