I’ve heard the argument 20,000 times: Men don’t listen to women. Why are men not listening? But honestly what happens when woman tune men out?


Psychologist Robert Leahy made a list of reasons why men don’t listen to women. This list is an interesting look at why communication breaks down between the sexes from the male perspective. The Frisky.com made a list of reasons why women tune men out. Check them out:

  1. "He’s so wrapped up in trying to fix everything that he misses the point completely and you give up.
  2. He’s so defensive and makes to many excuses.
  3. He is yelling at you.
  4. He claims to totally understand what we said, but you know he doesn’t have a clue.
  5. He’s not actually listening to you. He zones out so he can focus on his football game or whatever and all we get is the automated “Right honey” or “Yes, Dear.” That’s not a conversation.
  6. He’s turned off his emotional responsiveness. If you’re discussing something that is emotional, he’s being all robot-like.
  7. He gets fixated on one really bizarre, really technical point and can’t let it go.
  8. He rambles on and on and never seems to get to a point. You probably fell asleep with our eyes open.
  9. He tells us the same story (or a variation of the same story) over and over again and we’re sick of hearing it.
  10. He uses weird analogies that make no sense. Confusion = no longer listening.
  11. He talks too softly or mumbles, so you just smile and nod and pretend to hear him but you’ve stopped trying.
  12. He makes you feel like he is doing a favor by listening."

Why do women ignore men? Why do men ignore women?

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