While doing some web surfing I found a story by Ami Angelowicz of thefrisky.com talking about guys and online dating. I wanted to expand on what she found because honestly these rules can apply to any gender!

Being single during the holiday season may have been hard. Maybe this year you are looking to try and do some dating via the web. There is no problem in that with sites like Facebook, Eharmony, Cupid, and of course many others. You have to be careful of what you read and see on these sites. There can be some red flags while reading that these people aren’t good people.

Ami Angelowicz put together this list, but I had to do some modifications to make it both genders. Here’s a list of online profile phrases that should send off red flags:

  1. “I’m looking for fun!” This person is not looking for a serious relationship. They flat out said it! Fun is fun, not relationships
  2. “My life is under construction. Bring your hard hat.” This one is a gem, translates to “have no idea what I’m doing or where I’m going”
  3. “I hate most people. Why would anyone advertise that? You are clearly saying you are anti-social, and this doesn’t seem very friendly at all.
  4. “I spend my spare time obsessing about my hair.” Glad you’d mention this, I’d be concerned otherwise if you didn’t shampoo and condition it!
  5. “Don’t message me if you haven’t read [insert literary line here].” Really? That’s the one thing that stops you from getting a date is a book? Really? Then you don’t deserve a date!
  6. “I am looking for someone to make me forget about my ex.” Never bring up an ex before you even meet someone. You want something new, not someone to just help you forget!
  7.  “I’m not into romance.” Why are you looking for a relationship then? It would be funny if they posted this as the last thing because it’s a big slap in the face saying “I’m not looking for anything at all”

If you want to read the original you can click here

What’s the worst thing you ever read someone posted in a dating site?