My husband is dating another woman, and apparently, it's me.

Like most women, when I arrived home from the hairdresser after getting my hair cut and colored, I asked my hubby the standard question: "How do you like my hair?"

Like most men, his response wasn't encouraging: "You got your hair cut?"

Me: "Yes. I got it cut and colored."

Him (after I turned on a light so he could get a better look): "Oh, yeah, it looks darker but not as black."

Umm. My hair has NEVER been black, and in fact, I got my hair lightened. By quite a bit. Which begs the question: is my husband dating another me I don't know about?

Why don't men notice things? Most woman have had the experience of watching their guy standing in front of the refrigerator looking for the milk, only to have it "magically appear" in the center of the most eye-level shelf when we come to "find" it.

In a previous marriage, I once repainted a room from beige to navy blue, only to have my then-husband walk right through it without so much as raising an eyebrow.

My current husband never seems to notice the holes in his socks. Although, he also never seems to notice when they're 'disappeared' either.

Another friend says she and her husband arrived home after a vacation to discover that a large tree in their front yard had fallen over. He didn't notice until she pointed it out. "God only knows what he was looking at," she says.

The Independent (an Irish newspaper) says women notice things more than guys because we have more "cone cells" in our eyes, giving us superior color perception and peripheral vision. The same story also goes on to explain why women talk so much more than men BUT I DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY MEAN.

What's the most obvious thing your significant other didn't notice?

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