In honor of National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day (this Sunday), I thought you could celebrate with some new and unique takes on this already delicious sandwich.


Homemade Grilled Cheese with Tomato Soup
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Everyone knows grilled cheese and tomato soup go perfectly together, but have you ever tried to step-up your grilled cheese game? Think about it... cheese and bread can go good with pretty much anything. Steal some of these ideas for your next grilled cheese sandwich, or maybe even get some inspiration and try your own unique mash-up.

Simple Adds


Crispy Organic Unhealthy Bacon
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1 - Bacon. Bacon goes on everything, and if you haven't tried it on a grilled cheese yet... well, do it! It's amazing.

2 - If you like spicy foods, then throw in some sliced peppers. Anything from jalapeno to habanero will turn a regular grilled cheese into a kickin' heat sandwich.

3 - No tomato soup? No problem. Put a few slices of tomato on your grilled cheese. If you don't like when your tomatoes get too warm, wait until your done cooking before putting them on.

4 - Add a few slices of deli meats. Ham is obviously great, but you can even go with turkey, roast beef - or try some salami.

A Little More Flavorful


Different Types of Cheese
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5 - Add a little more variety to your grilled cheese by trying out different types of cheese. Swiss, Monterey Jack, or any other type you could think of. Make sure that it's a good melting cheese, though. Feta Cheese is definitely not a good choice as the main part of a grilled cheese (but it doesn't hurt to mix it with another cheese, or sprinkle it on top).

6 - Pretzels. Yes, you read that right. Add in some pretzels to your sandwich, and give it that salty taste. Probably best to put the pretzels in the sandwich after your done cooking, though. Otherwise they'll get a little too soggy.

7 - Broccoli. Broccoli and cheese go good together already, so why not add in a few pieces to your grilled cheese?

8 - How about a buffalo chicken grilled cheese? Just cut up some buffalo chicken tenders (already cooked throughly), and throw those between your bread and cheese.

Now a Little More 'Out-There'


Stock of Nutella on Shelf
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9 - Apples. Okay, I've never tried this one, but some people swear by it. Give it a try. Add some slices to your grilled cheese and experience a new flavor mashup. (I heard Granny Smith Apples are one of the best for grilled cheese).

10 - Pineapple, ham, and Swiss. It kind of reminds me of a hawaiian-style pizza, but on a grilled cheese. Same concept... sort of. Worth a try though, if you're into more 'out-there' flavors.

11 - Chili cheese dog grilled cheese. This one I can swear by. Seriously, one of the best ways to make a grilled cheese. Just cut up a hot dog (like in half, then long-ways again). Add in your favorite chili, and top with cheddar cheese (and a little bit of sharp cheddar). Cook it all together and you're good to go!

12 - Nutella. It's really out there, but Nutella is delicious, grilled cheese is delicious, so why not combine the deliciousness?


Happy National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day! Enjoy!