Alright, it's official - I've lived out here for 13 weeks now. I'm starting to get the hang of everything, but there are still some things that are really different to me, and some things still have me confused.


Utica Downtown
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

1 - "Where is Tim Hortons?"

I did my research - I know there is one in Oneida and there are some in Syracuse, but I'm used to seeing them EVERYWHERE! Dunkin' Donuts seems to be the top coffee place out here. I guess I've got to take the plunge and finally try them.


Marcy Suny IT Parkway
Eric Meier/TSM

2 - "Oh it's SUNY... Not Sunny"

Since the first day moving out here, I would see a sign that said 'SUNYIT" and I had no idea what that meant. I honestly thought it was just a name of a road 'Sunny-it' (which would be a really weird name for a road, but hey I didn't know). Now I know - it's SUNY and it's State University of New York.


3 - "No Meijer, no Kroger...Where am I going to buy my groceries?"

Okay I found a substitute. I can head to Price Chopper or Hannaford. I'm not going to lie though, I do miss shopping at Meijer - that was like the perfect grocery store.


4 - "What's with the stickers in everyone's car window?"

You know those two stickers on the windshield that everyone has. I didn't know what they were for - apparently they're inspection stickers and everyone has to get them. Looks like I have to take my car in!


5 - "My bathroom scale says I gained 20 pounds. That has to be a mistake!"

No, it wasn't a mistake. Central New Yorkers know how to cook. I've eaten wayyy too good since I moved out here. I think I need to start hitting the gym.


The Corner Of Clinton And Clinton
Naomi Lynn/TSM

6 - "How come I can't just go around the block?"

The roads out here are so different. If I make a wrong turn, I can't just turn down the next side street, and get back on track. It seems like all the roads don't line up... or maybe I'm just directionally-challenged.


7 - "Does it ever stop snowing?"

Of course it snows in Michigan. There's a big difference, though. In Michigan we would get a snowstorm, but it would snow for a day or something. Out here, we get a snowstorm and it snows for like four straight days... or more! It's always snowing.


Naomi Lynn Excited for a Taco Bell Burrito
Naomi Lynn/TSM

8 - "I found Taco Bell - Yes!"

I have an unhealthy obsession with Taco Bell. I really do. You can imagine how excited I was when I found my first Taco Bell out here.


9 - "I do NOT live in New York City!"

I've had to explain this so many times to my friends back home. New York is a big state, and there's more to it than just New York City. Just because I live in New York now, doesn't mean I live anywhere near the city.


10 - I love my North Face"

I had to buy a better coat for going up north. Yes, Michigan gets cold too, but I never had to buy a real 'keep-me-from-freezing' winter coat. So I bought a North Face jacket, and I absolutely love it. Not only is it cute, but it can stand up to these ridiculously cold days.


Beautiful View in Adirondack State Park
Naomi Lynn/TSM

11 - "I've been to the largest state park in the country - Cool"

The Adirondack State Park - yep, I can check that off my list. It was so beautiful, and I got to see mountains for the first time so that's really awesome. Plus I can brag about going to the largest state park.


12 - "Saranac knows how to make beer"

There's like a million different kinds, and I want to try them all. Oh, and then there's the Saranac Brewery which is just amazing. They know how to make learning fun!


13 - "I love Central New York"

This is my new home and I wouldn't change a thing. I know there are some people who get down about this area, but I think they're crazy. This area is beautiful, fun, and there's always something to do. I love it out here!