Whether you're going to ride the roller coasters or you just want to sit by the pool while the kids run around, there's more to a theme park than just the rides...

I'm talking about the food!

Of course. When am I not talking about the food? Anyway, the next time you head to Darien Lake Theme Park in Western New York, besides enjoying a fun-filled day with your family and/or friends, there's a few food options I definitely think you should make time (and room) for.

Iced Capp Supreme from Tim Horton's - Unfortunately, Tim Horton's is a rarity in Central New York, but once you start heading west, it's a treat you gotta get. This delicious, chilled cappuccino is a fantastic way to cool down after walking around the park on a hot summer day. And right now they're featuring their "Oreo Iced Capp," which has Oreo flavoring, and crumbled cookies in it. And it's amazing!

Naomi Lynn/TSM

Darien Lake Fudge - There's two places you can stop by to get this treat (well, we're sure there are more, but we know of two off the top of our heads). Sweet Tooth Candy Shop inside the park has a whole bunch of fudge for you to choose from, or you can just make a quick stop to the general store (near the camping and hotel entrance to the park), and pick up a package of this tasty dessert.

Naomi Lynn/TSM

Poutine Fries - This is a MUST. Potato Works (near the brand new "Tantrum" coaster), has the best poutine fries, loaded with brown gravy and cheese curds. If you're more hungry and need something bigger than fries, you can try their poutine burger, which is good, but I just like the fries better.

Naomi Lynn/TSM

Dippin' Dots - No trip to an amusement park is complete unless you get some Dippin' Dots. I don't know about you, but I haven't had this treat since I was very young. So when I got them last weekend at Darien Lake it was like a burst of memories. And it will probably do the same for you, too. That's half the fun of this treat.

Anything from Tres Hombre's Tacos - This place is a great. Period. Make sure you leave extra room for one of their burritos or their tacos though, because they're HUGE! Seriously, I had one burrito and was stuffed. And it was so good too. Plus you can pick your toppings, like if you want to add jalapenos and make it spicy, or if you want sour cream... They have a lot to choose from. If you can only get one thing off this list, I suggest you make your way to Tres Hombre's Tacos, near the Viper entrance.

Naomi Lynn/TSM

Of course, there are plenty of other delicious goodies at Darien Lake, from the cotton candy and kettle corn, to chicken tenders and pizza, but these just happen to be my favorite spots. Enjoy!