Oneida County's number of new positive COVID-19 cases continues its upward climb with 15 new cases in the last 24 hours, according to County Executive Anthony Picente. There are now 239 active cases in the county and a total of 34 residents who have been hospitalized. MVHS has reported that as of yesterday, just over 50 COVID-related patients, including non-county residents, are being treated at either St. Lukes or St. Elizabeth hospitals.

Earlier on Wednesday, Governor Andrew Cuomo issued an executive order requiring all New Yorkers to wear masks in public when they are unable to maintain social distancing. The order includes any public place including stores and businesses where essential workers come within 6-feet of a co-worker or customer. Masks can be professionally made or homemade. Cuomo said the order will be enforced at the local level, however, Picente challenged that assertion and called it "another curve ball from the Governor."  "I'm not sure how we'll do (enforce) that," he said.

Picente said one local business was ticketed for violating the order against public gatherings.  Stingers Bar and Grill in Remsen is the first local business to face a charge for violating the order. Picente said that people were found to be sitting together and drinking alcohol as they waited for their takeout food. The establishment faces a fine of up to $1000 and possible revocation of their health department and liquor licenses.

COVID-19 By The Numbers

Fatalities: 4.  15 new cases

239 total (15 new cases)

25 hospitalized in Oneida County, 19 inside Oneida County- 6  9 Total- 34

167 positive cases

Resolved: 58

Total negative- 1245 (110 new)

Total tested to date: 1625

Total test results pending:  141

Mandatory Quarantine: 382

Precautionary Quarantine: 453

Total discharged: 1706

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