A 150-year-old mansion in Ilion has found the perfect buyer: stylist and YouTube celebrity Christine McConnell.

The gothic home was listed for sale in 2019 by John Brown Coldwell Banker Faith Properties. The stunning home needed a buyer who could both appreciate its unique and elegant style, and give the home the TLC it needs. Christine McConnell is that buyer.

McConnell, who boasts hundreds of thousands of social media followers, is part goth queen, DIY goddess, and baker. Discover Los Angeles describes her as an "artist, seamstress, photographer, baker, pin-up girl, and Instagram phenomenon."

McConnell currently has "her own monthly YouTube series called From the Mind of Christine McConnell, alongside a Patreon account where fans can donate to fuel her twisted ambitions. In each episode, McConnell walks viewers through a ridiculously detailed goth-tinged project, all with the patience and chicness of a 1950s homecoming queen. So far, she's transformed a $100 pull-out sofa into an expensive Victorian masterpiece, and baked a 500-pound gingerbread version of the Winchester Mystery House," reports Engadget.

And now, she lives right in our backyard.

Take a look inside the goth mansion McConnell purchased, and be sure to subscribe to her YouTube channel and follow her on Instagram to keep up with her progress at her new home.

Ilion Victorian Mansion

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