Well, Utica is quite the city. While some may focus on the pros, there are most certainly cons. These are the 17 best remarks made about Utica using only 4 words.

Utica is a town with a very rich history. We have a very eclectic group of people who live here, both in personality and heritage. This means the remarks are quite all over the place. While some got really creative with the comments, others kept them incredibly simple. All of which have a little bit of truth to them. Some of them are beyond truthful and just flat-out funny.

17 Comments Made About Utica Using Only 4 Words

Okay, let's discuss the "It's Like Miami, FL" one. There are plenty of cities and towns across the United States that are called Utica. The one in New York is most certainly nothing like Miami, Florida. Really? Where are all of the palm trees on the roads. The beaches and warm sand and ocean are nowhere to be found. Did they mean Miami, Ohio?

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