That's a cool house. If I had the money I would buy it. We know that's what you're thinking and if you have the money, good news. Dick Clark's Flintstones-themed house in Malibu has been reduced in price. It apparently is an unsellable freak of architecture. It's been on the market for about a year now and no one's bought it. Now the asking price has been heavily discounted.

The house was originally listed last March about a month before Dick passed away. for $3.5 million. It's remained unsold ever since, and now the price has been dropped by $250,000 ... to $3.25 million, this according to the fine real estate folks at Curbed LA.

TMZ reports;

The home -- currently owned by Dick Clark's estate -- isn't a bad deal ... even if you hate the house itself ... because it sits on 23 acres of prime Malibu real estate with a 360-degree view of the Pacific Ocean, Channel Islands, Boney Mountains, and Serrano Valley. Maybe he shoulda built a Jetsons house.