It seems like everyone is getting married this time of the year, which means tons and TONS of wedding videos - from dancing fails, to drunken mishaps, to the really sweet and funny stuff like this. Two girls give the best wedding toast ever - it's moving, it's clever, and it's hilarious!

I'm not big into the whole wedding video thing - I mean, I've just seen it all before. All the dancing videos that are suppose to blow people away (they were amazing the first time, but after seeing it a hundred times, it loses its meaning), the sweet speeches, the drunk people falling over, all that. This was something different though, and that's why I give it major credit.

I think what these two girls did is amazing. The speech is so funny, it's very well done, and it's overall just a great wedding toast.


This might be the best wedding toast of all time

Posted by Daily Mail on Friday, July 17, 2015


They may not be the best singers (and apparently people felt the need to pick them apart for that online), but that's not the point! They did something amazing, and they were having fun! Best wedding toast. Ever.



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