History has been made with the New York State Police.

Troopers Bethany Lamphere and Meagan Hartmann are the first mother-daughter team to serve together in the Uniform Force in New York State Police history.

Mother Bethany Lamphere grew up in Poland, New York, had a son, and got married when she was sixteen. She had two more children, and after being married for eight years, she decided she wanted to find a fulfilling career helping people. At twenty-four, she decided to enroll at Mohawk Valley Community College and start her path to becoming a New York State Police Officer. This included college classes, taking the New York State Police entrance exam, and heading to the New York State Police Academy in Albany. In 2001, Bethany graduated and has done quite a bit of work throughout New York - becoming a Field Training Officer in Lowville, and being appointed to the Bureau of Criminal Investigation as an Investigator in Marcy. Bethany has also taken part in details in New York City after the terror attacks of September 11th. Now, she is currently stationed at Remsen State Police.

Bethany's daughter (along with other members of the family, and friends) has heard countless stories of being on the road and positions that police officers find themselves in. A story about Bethany helping save a woman who was in full cardiac arrest is one of those accounts that made Meagan consider a career in law enforcement. In 2013, Meagan informed her mother that she wanted to become a Trooper.

Meagan obtained her college credits at Herkimer County Community College and took the New York State Police entrance exam - Scoring a 97%! In March of 2016, Meagan was accepted to the New York State Police Basic School. Then on October 12, 2016 Bethany proudly presented her daughter Meagan with her shield at the Shield Ceremony for the graduating recruits. Her first assignment will be at State Police Department in Oneonta.

Bethany's Daughter Meagan
Photo Credit: New York State Police

Bethany had some very good words of advice for her daughter, as she gets ready for her first day on the road:

First and foremost, stay safe and come home to your family at the end of your shift. Secondly always carry the knowledge and determination to survive anything that they instilled in you in the academy while you’re out on the road. Use the tools that they have given you to make that happen if you have to, and never forget or change who you are as a person in your heart.




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