Police Officers have been getting a bad rep in the news lately. This story however, will make you feel better about those men and women in uniforms.

It seems like all the news with police officers lately, wants to focus on those few "bad apples" that abuse the privilege of being a cop, or situations where an officer needs to make a choice and may or not make the right choice.

This story is better though. The story is that of two police officers who helps a young woman in the pouring rain. This photo was posted on Newzjunky's Facebook Page, with a caption explaining the picture...

This happened by Adams Center in New York, south of Watertown.

The officers could have kept going, letting the woman wait for a tow truck or someone else to help her out. But they didn't. They decided to go out of their way and help her change her tire - And they did it in the rain.

See - There are still good police officers and good people out there. Another "Faith in Humanity Restored" story, to make you feel good about the world we're living in.



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