A survey conducted by the website GatewaysMavens named the 20 most 'proud' cities in the Northeast. Buffalo, they reported, topped the list by a wide margin. Beacon, Poughkeepsie, Lake Placid and Croton-On-Hudson were the other New York locations that made the list. Surprising given Utica's current resurgent growth that we were snubbed from the list.

Buffalo, the survey notes, with its #Buffalove hashtag, epitomized a population with pride in its community. While I won't begrudge Buffalo it's top of the chart listing (after all, it beat out NYC as the top New York State food city),  its a stark omission to leave Utica off the list. If hashtag love is the what GatewayMavens used as one of their indicators of community pride, I'd put our #UticaRocks over any Croton-on-Hudson hashtags floating around. Couple that with the popularity of the Utica Comets, the interest in the Bagg's Square area and coming Nanotechnology center, and Utica stacks up favorably against any other city on the Top 20 Most Proud Cities in the Northeast survey.

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