If you're in the Whitestown area and have a bunch of things you're looking to great rid of, there are two great solutions: 1) If it's useful things that could benefit someone else, sign up for a booth at our World's Largest Yard Sale. 2) If it's things that you believe are straight garbage, participate in the Whitestown Trash Pickup!

For two weekends only, June 4th through June 8th and June 11th through June 15th, there will be a variety of items to be collected for disposal. They need to be separated into piles based on what it is.

There is only one stop per household, so be sure to get on top of putting your stuff outside by the Monday morning of your chosen week. It is advised NOT to put your items on the street any sooner than one week prior to scheduled pick up. Once the trash pick up is completed, the green waste will then be collected.


The following information was provided by the Town of Whitestown: 

MAJOR APPLIANCES & FURNITURE – including stoves, refrigerators, water heaters, microwaves, washers, dryers, sofas, chairs, tables, dressers, carpets and beds (box springs and mattresses)

METAL – including sheds, storm window frames (no glass), screens, cabinets and metal fencing.

CONSTRUCTION DEBRIS (SMALL AMOUNTS) – including 2 x 4’s, paneling, sheet rock, insulation and roofing. (The town is NOT cleaning up remodeling jobs or contractors. Trash pick-up is intended for people wishing to clean out their garages, cellars and attics.)

ELECTRONICS – including televisions, stereos, answering machines, fax and sewing machines, battery chargers, camcorders, CD, DVD and VCR players, radios, GPS devices, fans, cameras, electronic games (PlayStation, etc.), record players, typewriters, word processors, remote controls, regular phones and cell phones, fish locators, computers (CPU and laptops), computer scanners, printers and ink cartridges, shredders, copiers, mice, monitors, keyboards, cables, speakers and hardware.

BULKY RIGID PLASTICS – including large plastic water jugs, plastic recycling bins and carts, plastic cat litter containers, plastic pet carriers, plastic lawn furniture, plastic laundry baskets, plastic pallets and shelving, plastic plant/propagation trays and flower pots, plastic tool and gun cases, plastic toys (playhouses), clean plastic buckets/pails, clean plastic drums, totes, empty garbage cans and plastic beverage crates.

The following items WILL NOT BE collected: Cement Products, Propane tanks, Tires, Cardboard and recyclables. If something that you have is not on the list above, it will not be picked up and is your responsibility to dispose of.


If you have any questions, reach out to Sal Granato, Whitestown Highway Superintendent, at 315-736-4531.

Credit: Town of Whitestown
Credit: Town of Whitestown

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