Although the Solar Eclipse was still a fantastic sight for the Central New York area, it's nothing compared to what we can expect during the next one.

Admit it, you were a little jealous of those areas around the country that were in the line of "totality," for this solar eclipse. I mean, who wouldn't be? But you only have to be jealous for a few years. Actually the next solar eclipse isn't that far away... Less than seven years (not a lot less, just a few months shy of that mark). But the other thing that makes this next solar eclipse such a big deal is Central New York is going to have an almost perfect view of it.

The next solar eclipse will be April 8th, 2024 and according to, it will run a path from Mexico into Texas and up on an angle into New York, before finally crossing over into Canada. It's almost an opposite line of totality compared to this year's eclipse.

Now, we mentioned that the totality line will hit New York, but New York is a big area... So who is going to see it best? Well according to Great American Eclipse's map, Watertown looks like they have one of the best viewing areas. But you don't have to start planning to spend your day in Watertown just yet. Watertown is pretty close to the central line of the total eclipse. Syracuse is also in the line of totality, just on the southern edge of it. Utica just misses the line of totality, which means we can still expect percentages in the 90s for coverage (compared to the about 70% we experienced on August 21st, 2017).

Other cities in New York that will be in the line of totality include Buffalo, Jamestown, Rochester, Auburn, and Plattsburgh, and the areas around these cities. So you have plenty of options when it comes to seeing the next solar eclipse. You can learn more about the 2024 Solar Eclipse and see the line of totality by visiting:

So don't worry if you didn't get your glasses for the 2017 Solar Eclipse, or if you couldn't step outside and see it. 2024 will definitely be a better year for Central New Yorkers to view the eclipse. Now we just have to hope that it's not cloudy that day.





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