Love it or hate it Facebook is the biggest website known to man. Of course with a great website comes great pet peeves! put together a list of the 25 Most Annoying Things About Facebook, I took that list and added my own comments. So heres the list and my rants, feel free to join in!

1. Facebook Chat

Facebook’s chat feature is slow and always shows someone as “offline” when they are on. It will just drop out all the time, no point in using it honestly. I use it all the time with my friend Lindsay and it always drops it, I just grab my phone. So much easier

2. Adored on Facebook, ignored in life

Your friends like your status updates, posts, and your photos but any number of these people ignore you in real life through the phone or texts.

3. The “Facebook Aloof”

This person has a Facebook account because everyone else does. They never change profile pictures, and never change status messages. They are like Tom from MySpace.

4. Your Mom’s friend whose just a little too into you

They comment on all your pictures, like all your status updates, plan to attend all your events(although they never showing up.) They want to take all sorts of fun pictures with you in real life, which wind up on Facebook the next day. All of which you either untag, or want to.

5. Girls you knew in Grade/Middle School

You shared 2nd grade art period and now it’s been years and they’re reconnecting to their past. Now you’re like whose this? You go through the whole talk of who it is, and you just laugh.

6. People who reply to messages, on your wall

You wrote them a somewhat personal message, not appropriate for any other medium, which is located in their inbox. Instead of hitting the reply button to reply, they click straight through to your wall.

7. Profile Pic Activism

“This week is for World Hunger! Change your profile picture to raise awareness!”

I jumped on the cartoon bandwagon, thought it was funny. But people do this every week so it lost its fun factor.

8. Being tagged in terrible pics

They have it out for you, secretly. Why else would they tag you? They want you to suffer! Nothing worse than being tagged, or posted in UGLY photos!

9. Solo Cup Pics

Are we at a high school party blasting Eve Six "here’s to the night"? Why would you take pictures with these? To show all your friends you can drink like a champ!

10. “Not Now”

The “Ignore” button is now the “Not Now.” As if you really needed some time to weigh the pros and cons of accepting a person as your friend. How about; Accept, or Ignore.

11. Abusing the status update

I try to limit my updates to a small amount a day. When people udate 60,000 times I explode! Most times I'll hide the feeds, or delete them. I also block game updates. My life will go on if I don't see your high score in Family Feud, or that you got to another level in Mafia Wars.

12. Friending your Family

Family is now closer then ever before. Your mom is always watching!

13. Getting warned about posting “Obscene Content”

Honestly I've never pressed my luck with it. Can you imagine losing your Facebook over a stupid photo? You'd have to rebuild!

14. Underage friends

Facebook was originally for college kids. I waited till senior year to sign up. Now if you’re 7 you can get a Facebook. I have no idea why parents would let little kids sign up for this. Go out side and kick a ball or play monster.

15. People who “Like” their own comments

Really? Conceded much?

16. Friend Requests from people you met 4 hours ago

You may have hit it off with someone out and about, but it’s a little odd to see the Facebook add so soon.

17. People You May Know

I always love this starring at friend requests that show mutual friends going “Who is this?”

18. Employers who seek out your Facebook

DANGER DANGER, EVERYONE IS ON FACEBOOK. If people are dumb enough to post they are skipping work, or at a dance club, when they should be at work they deserve to be fired.

19. One-sided Facebook friendships

Steals photos that only involve them, never comments on anything that doesn't involve them.

20. Relationship Status: It’s Complicated

Why is it complicated? NO ONE CARES! This only shows that “I’m having problems and I want everyone’s attention”. How weird is it though? Your boyfriend or girlfriend will find out that things are in trouble.

21. Deleting/Deleted Comment

Nothing makes me more angry then seeing someone delete a witty comment I posted on their wall.

22. Silent Unfriendings

The mystery of who deleted you will haunt you until you figure it out. So begins the quest.

23. Girls taking pouty faced pictures of themselves

My sister has 100’s of these on her page, what’s the point? They never change. We get it, you can make great sad faces.

24. People who live and breath Facebook

People who play every game, comment on every post, like every status, message every chain… yeah you know who!

25. Gifts

They cost money and you get nothing. That is not a real a gift. What is the point?

On the list what are your biggest pet peeves of Facebook?