This time of the year has to be the worst time to attempt a diet because since Thanksgiving, there's a good chance you chowed down on everything you could get your hands on. No sense feeling guilty about it. What's done is done. So why not let the rest of the year taste good too.

No sense starting your health kick today because in another week, New Year's Eve is going to be here and you're probably going to pig out again. So, why not take this time to enjoy all the great foods that you're going to give up starting January 2? One last hurrah of food that is certain to make you fat like fried foods.

According to, here are some of the tastiest fried foods known to man. Dig in and Enjoy!

  • Bananas- Worth the hassle. An amazing treat!
  • Oreos - Grease and Oreos what could be better?
  • Pickles- These are very crunchy and the only type of pickles I will eat!
  • Peaches- Unusual, but good.
  • Fish- Any fish taste amazing in the deep fryer
  • Chicken- The no-brainer

 I love how we can take some healthy foods and turn them bad! What are some of your fried favorites?