Did you hear that the Space Shuttle Discovery is on its last mission? Isn’t it amazing what technology can do? Most everybody is amazed and impressed by technology, but not every advancement in technology is a big win for us.

Here are some things from CoedMagazine.com that technology has actually ruined:

  • Going to the Movies- Movie theaters have been replaced by home theaters. A little bit (or a lot) of a sense of community has been lost.
  • Books, Magazines and Newspapers- You have to wonder how long it will take for all bookstores and libraries to be torn down and replaced with simple kiosks designed for downloading eBooks.
  • Privacy- Spilling our guts about everything we do and think has become a national pastime. Nothing is sacred anymore.
  • Face-to-Face Interaction- No longer having face-to-face interactions is possibly the worst thing about technology. We are social creatures, but we don't hang out together, truly socializing, nearly as much anymore.

What else has technology ruined?