Facebook is a magically land where you can connect with people from all over the world. Sometimes you may stumble across a creeper on Facebook. 9 out of ten times they are males, so what should you be looking out for?

Coedmagazine.com put together a list of the 8 type of Guys who are Facebook Creepers. You can get a funnier break down by clicking the link, I took bits and pieces that were pretty entertaining. Here’s the list:

Guy Who Promotes The Club He Goes To

Remember when you had way too many drinks and that weird guy with crazy hair, horrible spray tan, and a tank top asked to be your Facebook friend, so he can hook you up with sweet deals? Now he writes mass wall posts inviting you out every Thursday night for “t-shirt contest, girls get in free, 18 party 21 to drink, $1 bud lights 10pm-11pm, message me for directions” encounters. At least he will provide awkward conversations when your kids are your Facebook friends.

Guy From Work

“Guy From Work” knows you as the go-getter in the office; fighting the office world while he logged on to Facebook and played Mafia Wars. He got the nerve to friend you one day, and ever since he saw your spring break pictures he’s never really looked at you the same way.

Guy Who Was Your Professor in College

After three semesters after having his class he decided to look you up online. Invasion of privacy? Perhaps, but just because he has your first, middle, and last name as well as date of birth, social security number, and GPA doesn’t mean he isn’t allowed to poke you.

Guy Who Updates Too Often

Hate when people do this (meaning the updating every 20 seconds). You don’t even remember where you know this guy from but what you do know is this guy’s status updates are so revealing and provocative that there is no need for him to write an autobiography just check his news feed.

Guy Who Shows Off His Abs In All His Pictures

There he is–yet another profile picture updated–with his black tank top pulled up showing his abs off while making a kiss face. Hey, he worked hard for those abs, so why not see them in every picture?

Guy Who Pokes You

Instead of messaging you, writing on your wall, sending you a bumper sticker, commenting on your photos, sending you a gift, or inviting you to add an application…he poked you.

Guy Who Tags You In Pictures You Didn’t Even Know Existed

He got the side of your head in one shot that night, and faster than you can say ‘remove tag’ he’ll be posting the 6th grade class picture. I’ve had this happen at concerts, girls would tag me in photos and I would have no idea who they were.

The Number One FacebookCreeper: Guy Who You’ve Never Really Met

He knows your favorite caffeinated beverage and has his blackberry programmed to remind him when your birthday is, and you have no idea who it is. Perhaps change the privacy settings for your Facebook profile.