Attention mom and dad: These three books will have your kids shredding through the pages in no time.

If you've been wondering where all of the fascinating and fun children's books are, here are a handful that your little ones will adore.

1. Colonel Meacham's Giant Cheese

Not only is this book educational, it's also chocked full of dairy goodness. It takes children on an exciting journey down the Oswego Canal, all the while representing 1 of the 5 food groups.

piece of cheese isolated

Rosemary Nesbit's story telling is genius, and her book is highly entertaining. This is the plot in a nutshell according to Erie Canal

The story of Colonel Thomas Standish Meacham’s historical decision to make a 1,400 pound cheese to take to President Andrew Jackson, before he left office.


2. The Dino Files A  Mysterious Egg

Author Stacy McAnulty has ties to Central and Western New York and she's also Matt Hubbell's sister.  Creativity meets intrigue in this story for the ages; the stone ages that is.

Dinosaur Huayangosaurus

There's a good chance Fred and Wilma Flintstone read this story to Pebbles when she was a little girl, but if they didn't, they were probably hiding under the bedrock. This story will captivate your child's attention, and they'll zip through it in no time. Here's what the story is about according to

Frank’s grandma is a famous paleontologist (that’s a dinosaur scientist). But she’s also an adult who makes up rules. Rules like: no digging for dinosaur bones when you have a sunburn. That means Frank is stuck playing inside with his annoying cousin, Samantha. But then Grandma finds a fossil of an egg! And when Frank and Sam sneak into the dino lab late at night, they find something even more amazing. . .

3. The Frog Who Jumped Over the Moon

This fascinating story is truly riveting; or should we say ribbiting? Author Richard Mickelson lives in Tully, and he re-discovered his "Frog" book after an amphibian loving editor encouraged him to dust it off and get it published.

Grass Frog Close-Up Isolated on White Background
Vitali Dyatchenko/Thinkstock

You'll be glad he did; the story will leave your kiddos laughing, leaping, and jumping.  Here's the plot according to

Phineas T. Barrell, III, the bullfrog who's the greatest athlete in the Adirondacks, is frustrated because he has to hibernate six months each year in Upstate New York. Phineas' story, however, has been hibernating in Richard Mickelson's drawer since 1990.


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