It may seem like a no brainer, but National Library Week begins next week and Central New York children are raising their IQ's a few points simply by reading books!

National Library Week kicks off on Sunday and you and your children will be happy to learn that your local public library has thousands of books just waiting to be devoured! National Bookmobile Day and Celebrate Teen Literature Day also occur this week.  Suddenly, Central New York kids are rushing out to their local libraries and checking out books!

Has your child abruptly become excited about reading a book?  Well mom and dad, this crazy phenomenon is happening all over Central New York!  After all, if their friends are doing it, they'll naturally follow suit. Have you wondered why your kids are all at once more interested in reading, than they are in playing "Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch," or Super Mario 3D World?" Are you curious as to why they are turning off Jigsaw -A- Rooney and Bad Hair Day and opening up a book instead?

Here's your answer: National Library Week begins next week and your children were the first to hear about it! That's right, your adorable little ones have swiftly, and unexpectedly transformed into book worms!  Why? They now know that books will make them smarter!

Doesn't this sound like an awesome scenario? It would be great if were true right? This coming week let’s urge our youngsters to take advantage of National Library Week. If we get excited about it, maybe they will too! Central New York has some of the best libraries in the state and each one has something unique to offer. Happy reading!

Just Jen and I chatted about National Library Week this morning!