Airbnb has vacation options all over the country. What if you don't want to go too far to vacation, but you also don't want to be surrounded by all the laundry and housework and noisy neighbors? Well, there's an Airbnb for that.

There are Airbnb rentals right here in Utica where you can try out different types of spaces and experience new neighborhoods.

Landmarc Building
Credit: Maria, Landmarc Building via

Maybe you live in a rural area and always wanted to know what urban living is like. Check out the modern decor in this suit at the Landmarc. You can walk to some great restaurants and bars, and are not far from Utica's Munson-Williams Proctor Arts Institute. Check out all the details of this gorgeous suite at

North Utica House Rental
Credit: Christopher via

Maybe you live in the city, in a crowded apartment with neighbors close by on both sides...then this house would be a welcome retreat. The rental comes with wifi and television. They even provide you with towels. See that lawn? You don't have to mow it - just relax.

Rosemont Inn Bed and Breakfast
Credit: Rita, Rosemont Inn via

Perhaps you're just looking for some "me" time. What better way to enjoy that than your own room at a quaint bed and breakfast right in Utica? You can enjoy a relaxing soak in the clawfoot tub, sleep in, and then grab breakfast...alone...the next day. Ahhhh.

You don't have to deal with traffic, you don't have to find your passport and you don't have to spend too much to enjoy a staycation right here in Utica. You can try out all different styles of living, from modern urban living to suburban comforts, all without leaving your zip code.

Which one of these would you like to spend some time in?



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