You've camped in RVs, cabins, and tents, but here's a chance to spend an overnight this summer in something you may never have tried. A tipi.That's the official Sioux Indian term for the enclosure most of us know as a teepee. And one is waiting for you just over two hours from Utica.

According to the ad on, the 18-foot authentic Sioux tipi sits next to Sawkill Creek, with plentiful oquassa, which is the Sioux word for trout. The tipi also overlooks a beautiful haha or waterfall. It's just south of Albany, in Woodstock, New York.

It sleeps four and you can bring along your sunka (dog) or other furry friend, because it's pet-friendly.

Other amenities include a Coleman stove and a propane barbecue, plus firewood, plates and utensils, and an outhouse and bathroom tissue, so there's no need to bring your own t.p. to the tipi.

There's also an emergency "escape" right on the premises:

There is...a "Tipi Room" with its own entrance set up exclusively for use by the tipi guests. It has a desk and chair, a refrigerator, and Wi-Fi. There are solar electric panels set up for the tipi that power two small CFL lamps, and an inverter that provides enough air-conditioner power for a laptop and cell phone charger.

But, come on. If you're going to enjoy the true Native American experience, are you really utilizing this particular extra?

Check in is at 1:00 pm, check out is at noon, and it costs just $159 per night. You could also bring some extra wampum, because the beautiful village of Woodstock is only a half-mile walk.

If you spot a tatanka, call Kevin Costner immediately, or run.

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