Representatives from the Utica Comets stopped by the radio station and they brought the Calder Cup with them!

The Utica Comets are back in action tonight to face off against the Monarchs. We're currently down 2-0 in the Calder Cup finals but we won't be deterred! We're back at home at the Utica Memorial Auditorium and our hometown crowd will be whiting out the arena and cheering loud!

Mark Caswell, the Director of Communications for the Comets showed up this morning with a shiny, and bright, trophy in hand! I learned a little bit about this beautiful masterpiece too:

How Much Does the Cup Weigh?

The Cup weighs in at 35 lbs. I was told that after the Comets win, it will be passed to team captain, Cal O'Reilly. He will then skate around the arena with Cup in hand! It's probably a good thing I'm not the captain of the Comets. A- I can't ice skate (I have weak ankles.) B- I'm a klutz, and would probably end up dropping the Cup and landing on my face.

What is the Cup made of?

The Cup itself is made of solid sterling silver. The wood on the Cup is Brazilian Mahogany;  a tropical hardwood that takes 60 years to mature and can grow up to 500 feet tall. It is also often called 'green gold'.

What is the engraved writing on the Cup say?

 The trophy displays the twenty most recent champions.


Let's go Comets,  bring this trophy home!

Here's this morning's Just Jen segment!