If you're not accustomed to seeing or hearing running jargon and race terminology, these words and acronyms are sure to throw you for a loop!

I've been jogging since I was 16. I've run dozens of races and am all too familiar with
various injuries associated with the sport. Unfortunately, my least favorite and most painful injury will leave me sidelined at this year’s Boilermaker. While I was still living in Nashville, I decided to hit the treadmill a little too hard one day. The following day, I could hardly walk. I sustained an injury to my foot called: plantar fasciitis. According to Merriam Webster:

Plantar fasciitis is inflammation of the dense fibrous band of tissue of the sole of the foot that is marked especially by heel or arch pain.

Regardless of its technical definition, I just know that this particular injury is extremely painful. Word to the wise: if you're a runner, be sure your sneakers have the proper arches and support; otherwise you may be a spectator, not a participant at next year’s race.

WKTV recently identified a handful of acronyms and slanguage that pertain to running and the world renowned Boilermaker 15K. For example, a "ChampionChip" is

a small, lightweight device that attaches to the runner’s shoe and contains a transponder that is activated when it passes over an antenna within mats placed on the road at the start line. The transponder that transmits its unique identification number to antennae in mats is placed along the course and at the finish. The chip provides participants with an accurate record of their net time and splits.

"CR" stands for course record, "PB" means personal best, and "WR" translates to world record. Have you heard of "The Wall?" What in the world is the race definition of "Rabbit?"

Here's the complete listing of Boilermaker vocabulary! Boilermaker Terminology


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