The Great New York State fair is back in Syracuse, and we can't wait to sink our teeth into these crazy food concoctions.

 The Defibrillator

After one bite, this sandwich will jolt you into the 3rd heaven. It's meant to shock your taste buds and it does the trick.

If you've never tried a hamburger topped with deep fried pickles, deep fried cheese curd, and deep fried bacon, wedged between 2 slices of grilled cheese's your chance.

Meat Sundae

Don't be fooled by this roast beef treat. What appears to be an ice cream dessert is actually a bowl full of hearty potatoes, cheddar cheese, sour cream, and thin sliced beef.There's even a cherry tomato on top to make it look like an authentic hot fudge sundae.

Make no beefs about it, this savory meal is down right delicious, but it also packs a whopping 1300 calories per dish.


 Deep Fried Oreos

As if America's favorite cookie wasn't enough of an indulgence just being left alone, some genius came up with the idea to throw one into a deep fryer for 4 minutes.


Suddenly our favorite dunking cookies turn into a 700 calorie snack. The indulgence is well worth it though; fair time comes but once a year. After you inhale your Oreo's, head over to the milk bar and take a few swigs. Certainly, paying only 25 cents for a cup of milk will compensate for the guilt brought on by the cookies.



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