If you don't mind doing a little traveling this 4th of July weekend, we've got 3 of the best fireworks displays in New York State for you to check out. 

Here's a few Independence Day displays that are fantastically fire crackin' on the 4th of July.


Ring of Fire Fireworks  (Conesus Lake, Lakeville, New York)

We've heard amazing things about this one of a kind Independence Day celebration, and unlike most events, this one can be enjoyed the day before the 4th of July. Come show your patriotism at this unique festival.

According to Only in Your State. Com:

An old Seneca Indian tradition that has now become a part of every Conesus Lake resident's Independence Day routine, this annual display is put on by all the local residents! Every 3rd of July, residents around the lake set off flares and fireworks at 10PM, creating a beautiful Ring of Fire that can be seen all around the lake.




Lake George Display (Shepard Park, Lake George, New York)

One of the cool things about this display is that you can watch them from the comfort of a steamboat just across from the Million Dollar Beach in the beautiful Adirondack North Country.

According to Only in Your State. Com:

The display starts at 9:30PM on July 4th, you can have a waterfront view of these Independence Day fireworks right in Lake George. Free admission, the firework display can be seen from all around the main areas of the village.



Empire State Plaza Fireworks (Albany, New York)

Don't let the massive crowd intimidate you; our Capital's fireworks display is one the best our state has to offer. We've attended this event several times, and each year it keeps getting better and better.

According to Albany. Com:

Each year, more than 30,000 people gather to enjoy the day at the Plaza, which includes a naturalization ceremony, dozens of food and craft vendors, activities for kids, and an evening of live entertainment leading up to the big pyrotechnics show.



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