Our earlier post included the picture (above) of a scene in the supernatural horror movie "A Quiet Place" being filmed on locations in and around Little Falls. We mentioned that the actors, including star John Krasinski, appear to be barefoot.

It was October 30th and it wasn't very warm in the Mohawk Valley. We're sure the photographer, Bryon Ackerman, was wearing shoes while snapping the pictures. So, we'll ask again: What's up with the bare feet? Is this one of the heavily guarded plot points the crew is trying so hard to keep under wraps?

Well, we're going to figure this out. How hard could it be to "Sherlock Holmes" this situation and reckon the reason for the bare feet? Here are some possibilities:

1. The supernatural ghost has a sense of humor and has hidden EVERY pair of shoes this family owns, so they're on a shopping excursion in Little Falls (or whatever fictional name the town has been assigned) to find some new togs.

2. They were all enjoying a pedicure at a salon when the evil presence attacked, leaving the family to scramble out the door without grabbing their footwear.

3. They're part of an odd cult that's getting back in touch with nature by drinking almond milk, shunning computers and cell phones, and declaring that #BarefootIsHuman.

Maybe barefoot IS better. Golf greats Ben Hogan and Sam Snead believed in practicing barefoot, in order to get a better feel for the essential weight transfer in the swing. Ethiopia's Abebe Bikila won two straight Olympic marathons in the 60s without shoes.

Pop star Britney Spears likes to walk around shoeless. Actresses Sandra Bullock, Helen Mirren and Julia Roberts have all been spotted in public sans shoes. Camila Alves often goes barefoot. Of course she IS married to Matthew McConaughey, so that may explain it.

If you have any other theories about the shoeless scene in "A Quiet Place" or stories about barefootin', please kick in your comments.


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