If you've ever wanted to sleep in a tipi, tangle in a tree house, or live like a tiny person, we've got a few overnight ideas we think you'll enjoy.

 1.Snuggle up in the Sioux Tipi (Woodstock, New York)

Remember when you were a kid, and you and your friends used to build blanket forts and tipis because you thought it would fun to live like Cowboys and Indians? We've just one upped your favorite childhood memory with an authentic tipi trip to the Catskill Mountains.

Airbnb.com/Sioux Tipi on the Waterfall
Airbnb.com/Sioux Tipi on the Waterfall


The Sioux Tipi on the Waterfall is located in Woodstock, New York, and is about 2 hours and 15 minutes from Utica. Of course, it comes complete with a washer and dryer and internet access too. According to Airbnb.com:

It's an authentic 18 foot Sioux Tipi, handmade and painted by the artists at Nomadics Tipi Makers. The tipi overlooks a waterfall on the Sawkill Creek that runs through our estate. Across the stream is Comeau Park, with a 2 mile walking trail.

We couldn't find video of the actual tipi hotel but it really does exist, and it's a little more cozy than the one we discovered.



2. Tiny Hotel Living is the Life for Me (Karenville, New York)

We already know that Ithaca is GORGEous, but there's another part of town that's slightly obscure, hidden, and off the grid. Karenville, New York is home to the "Tiny Hotels."

Airbnb.com/Tiny hotels at Karenville

If you've always wanted to spend the night in a quaint, Victorian style home, and have considered downgrading to a tiny house, you may want to experiment by spending the night here first.  If you don't mind having goats for neighbors, and tall grass for company, the Tiny Hotels are calling your name. Here's what you can expect,  according to Airbnb.com:

It is a bright sunny room that looks out over wide open fields, as well as the "village". Karenville is also only 200ft from 9,000 acres of State Forest suitable for many different outdoor activities including hiking the FLT trails or simply enjoying the old growth Forest.


3. A Tree HouseTreat (Middle Grove, New York)

Your childhood tree house was cool, but it probably wasn't this swanky.  If your 12 year old self could boast of building this sweet, woodland hideaway, you'd be the most popular kid on the block.

Airbnb/Tree House Retreat
Airbnb/Tree House Retreat

The Tree House retreat is perched high above the ground, making it the perfect spot for bird watching, and enjoying nature. According to Airbnb.com:

The Tree House is nestled in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains, and just 9 miles from Saratoga Springs, NY, boasting quiet solitude. The winding staircase leads to the sleeping area and covered porch which offers a great spot for reading, writing or reflecting.



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