If you've always wanted to know what its like to be a bird, here's the next best thing!Now you have another reason to visit The Wild Center in beautiful Tupper Lake. Last weekend I had a chance to visit this glorious place with my family. The Wild Walk cost over 5 million dollars to construct. When you experience it for yourself, you'll realize that not one penny went to waste. If it's adventure and beauty you crave, check this place out!

We packed a lunch, and ate it while we were 30 feet in the air! Remember to bring your binoculars too, because you never know what kind of creatures you'll see. I spotted 2 deer, several squirrels, and what appeared to be a bald eagle WKTV reports:

Visitors can climb through a realistic four-story replica of a hollow pine tree, gaze at Adirondack peaks from a lofty eagle's nest or bounce in a giant spider's web.

kid? Tree climbing is one of my favorite pastimes because it gave me the opportunity to see world in a whole new way. My journey through
Wild Walk was comparable to that of perching on a tree limb high above the ground. This adventure was way more exciting than scaling Oaks and Maples though!

You know that feeling you get when you take in a deep breath of fresh air? It invigorates the senses right?! That's exactly what I did when I arrived at the tree house nestled in between the tall trees. Wow! What an amazing view! My trip to Wild Walk ranks as one of my top 3 outdoor adventures ever! It's a great place to take a date, relax by yourself, or enjoy your entire family.

Here's a video of workers building Wild Walk.

Now you can see and experience the finished project for yourself!

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