There's just something about fries loaded with gravy and cheese curds. If you love poutine, you're going to want to try these four eateries' version of the gooey and cheesy goodness...

And if you've never had poutine before, maybe now's the time to finally try it. I don't think you're going to be disappointed. I'm not going to lie, the name and the word "cheese curds" turned me off of it for years, but when I finally tried it, I couldn't believe I avoided such a wonderful thing! In my newfound love of poutine, I've made it a mission to get it (at least as an appetizer), from MANY establishments in our area. That being said, here are four places that really stood out on my poutine journey, and I think you should give them a try:

Tater Tot Poutine

You'll find this unique take on the dish at Swifty's Restaurant and Pub on Genesee Street in Utica.This poutine is still made with that thick brown gravy and cheese curds, and they top it all off with green onions. But instead of a bed of fries, this version is made with tater tots. And it's good. It's more than good, it's awesome.

Original Poutine

Head to Jamo's Restaurant and Bar on Mohawk Street in Herkimer for some of the BEST poutine ever. Well, the best poutine I've ever had, but I think you'll agree. Jamo's fills up an entire plate with delicious crispy fries, adds thick beef gravy, and mounds of cheese curds. They didn't have to change up the recipe of this dish to stand out, they stand out because they make it so well, so perfect. ***NOTE: I haven't seen the poutine on the menu recently, so you may want to call ahead of time before you drive there, or keep an eye on their Facebook Page as they are always updating and changing their menu.

Poutine from Jamo's Restaurant and Bar in Herkimer
Naomi Lynn/TSM

Copper Moose Poutine

If you didn't get it from the name of this dish, you'll find it at the Copper Moose Ale House in Little Falls, and it's a very unique spin on the classic food. First of all, Copper Moose uses their "Sidewinder Fries" for their poutine, which are just some curly, twisty, crunchy fries. Then, they add mozzarella and bleu cheese to the fries, and the gravy? Well, it's not the brown gravy you'll normally find on poutine, it's more of a sauce... And it's spicy. It's the Copper Moose's habanero sauce. The whole dish is then topped with celery and smoked bacon. It's really, REALLY good, and really different from regular poutine, but I definitely think you should give it a try. If it doesn't sound like it's for you, you could always try the Copper Moose's "Steak Poutine," which is closer to the classic dish with steak, mushrooms, and onions on it.

Poutine From Copper Moose Ale House in Little Falls
Naomi Lynn/TSM

Lobster Poutine

This is the only poutine on this list I haven't had the opportunity to try yet, but I'm going to... Like, ASAP. I saw it posted on Facebook and knew I was going to have to make my way over there because it's two amazing things mixed together: lobster and poutine! Sounds awesome to me. Anyway, you'll find this poutine in the Bistro at Villa Verona Vineyard on State Route 365 in Verona. It starts with fries, the gravy is actually a bearnaise sauce, and the whole thing is topped with buttery, delicious lobster. You can actually check out a photo of the dish by visiting: Villa Verona Vineyard & Bistro's Facebook Page.

And that's just four places out of ALL the options you have for poutine in Central New York. What about you?? What's your favorite place to get this classic Canadian dish? Have you tried any of the places I've listed above? I would LOVE to hear what you think - You can always leave me a comment or message on our Lite 98.7 Facebook Page.




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