Everyone has their favorite place to get ice cream in Central New York. But there are SO many places to enjoy this delicious summertime treat, we think you should give these other shops a try.

Who knows?! Your favorite ice cream place may be on our list already. We've picked four ice cream shops in our area that we think you should make time out to try. Even if it's just once. You have to expand your palette, right?! And you may find a new favorite ice cream place. Alright, let's get to this list...

1 - Tasty Treat

You'll find Tasty Treat Ice Cream at 436 Coventry Avenue in Utica. Not only do they have burgers, hot dogs, fries, and other delicious diner foods, but they have your ice cream needs covered. Try some of their homemade ice cream, a sundae, or one of their new red and white striped soft serve cones.
HAVE TO TRY ITEM: Their homemade cookie dough ice cream. Creamy, delicious, and well, homemade! Do we need to say more??

2 - The Ice Cream Station

This ice cream place can be found right off West Main Street in Ilion. And if you live in Utica or in the New Hartford area, this place is worth the drive. The Ice Cream Station offers soft serve cones, hard ice cream flavors, milkshakes, floats, and of course banana splits, if that's your dessert of choice.
HAVE TO TRY ITEM: Any of their sundaes. I personally love their S'mores Sundae with hot fudge, marshmallow fluff, graham crackers, and chocolate chips. But their Red Velvet Sundae comes with a piece of red velvet cake, so there's that.

3 - Dave's Diner

Located at 2251 State Route 5 in Utica, you'll find this diner that serves up delicious cheeseburgers and fries, and other usual-diner-like foods. But they also have great ice cream cones. And gigantic ones if you want to "challenge" yourself. A basic chocolate and vanilla twist ice cream cone here is always delicious, or you can try one of their many flavors of hard ice cream they have available.
HAVE TO TRY ITEM: Pick a flavor of their hard ice cream and ask for the "Goliath" size. You probably don't want to eat dinner beforehand, though. Just check out how much ice cream it is, in the video below:

4 - Bonomo's Dari Creme

No matter what kind of ice cream treat you may be craving, Bonomo's Dari Creme in Kirkland has you covered. From sundaes and flurries to hard ice cream and soft serve. You can get a milkshake, but you can also choose whether you want a thick milkshake or just a regular one. They also have Italian Ice, slushies, and ice cream sandwiches. If this isn't your favorite place already, you definitely have to visit them this year.
HAVE TO TRY ITEM: If you're just getting a treat for yourself, I'll suggest their homemade ice cream like mint chip, or their cake batter ice cream is great. If you want to get something for everyone, get one of their awesome ice cream pies.




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