Summer, don't go.  I hate to think about summer coming to a close but the reality is school will be back in session soon and before you know it, summer will be ending too.   With that in mind, these are four  things to do before summer comes to an end.

Some of these I've already done this summer, like go to a fair, but others I need to make happen.  Will you make the time for some late summer fun too?

1.  Head to the Adirondacks:

Summer is a great time to head to the Adirondacks.  It's such fun heading to places like Old Forge, wandering around looking at the shops while admiring the scenery.  Wander around Old Forge Hardware, which is such a neat place to hang out.  Cool off at Enchanted Forest Water Safari, which offers fun for the whole family.

Enchanted Forest
Flickr/All Things Colorful

Grab an ice cream cone and take a swim in one of the lakes.   A hike up Bald Mountain will give you a great view while you get some challenging exercise too.  Time in the Adirondacks is a perfect way to spend a summer day.

Old Forge
Flickr/ All Things Colorful


 2.  Visit the Utica Zoo:

I just went there a few weeks ago and had a blast with my nephews feeding the goats, watching the sea lions splash around and trying to find the lions wandering around their enclosure.  The kids will have a blast, it's not super expensive, and it's a fun way to spend a nice summer day in CNY.  Stop by their gift shop too.  Cute stuff for parents and kids.

kids at Utica Zoo

3.  Go to a fair or festival:

What a great time I had at the Boonville Oneida County Fair a few weeks ago.  Ride the rides, pig out on fried dough, cool off with freshly squeezed lemonade and simply enjoy all the sights and sounds.  The Great New York State Fair gets underway this week and that's always a great way to have some summer fun.  How about having fun at a bazaar?  For instance,  Our Lady of Lourdes in Utica has their annual bazaar coming up this week, running from August 23rd-August 25th.  September 7th and 8th, Historic Old St. John's will hold their annual bazaar.   Oh, I can smell that yummy food right now.

amusement rides
Flickr/Rita Simon

4.  Ice Cream Outing:

Drive by one of the local ice cream shops on a warm summer evening and you'll see smiling faces.  There's something about the combination of summer and ice cream.  Not that ice cream doesn't taste good other times during the year 'cause it does, but enjoying an ice cream cone or sundae outside in the summer is just plain fun.  What kid is going to pass this up?

kids eating ice cream

Okay, so I need to stop and get some ice cream on my way to Old Forge and  then my list will be complete.  At least for now.    What late summer fun are you planning?

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