You're in a CNY convenience store when you see it: the familiar wrapping of your favorite childhood snack. You only stopped in to grab some milk and the newspaper, but nostalgia gets the best of you. You add the snack to your order, pay and get back in the car, already thinking about how much you loved the taste when you were a kid.

You open the package, take a bite and...the taste of disappointment fills your mouth. Where are the texture and delicate sweetness you remember? Gone. Replaced by something that feels and tastes wrong, and nothing like the taste you remember.

A completely un-scientific CNY Facebook poll revealed the top foods from your childhood that just don't taste the same.

Foods From Your Childhood That Don't Taste the Same

  1. Breakfast Cereal - From Boo Berry to Alphabits, we all agree that the cereals of our youth just don't taste the same.
  2. Hostess Snack Cakes - Suzy Q's and Twinkies, we're talking to you. While we're at it, what the heck is that stuff on top of the cupcakes that's supposed to be frosting. Yuck.
  3. Milk Duds - Never the most popular candy in the first place, let's face it. How do you mess up caramel?
  4. Chips Ahoy - What happened to the chocolate chip cookie of our after school snack? They taste more like chemicals than cookies.
  5. Kraft Cheese Spreads - They weren't healthy to begin with, but now you really know they're not good for you. You can taste the preservatives. (What ever happened to the squeeze margarine Mom used to make our grilled cheese with?)

This is hardly a complete list. What foods just don't taste the same to you anymore? Yoo Hoo, anyone?



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