Before you break out the parachute pants and bust a move on the dance floor, you may want to brush up on some of the biggest dances from the 1980's. There were several dances made famous in the decade of decadence.  Here's a look at 5 iconic dances of the 1980's.

Five most iconic dances from the 1980s.
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The 80's brought us all kinds of cool stuff, like MTV, big hair, Pac Man and great music on the radio and in the clubs.  These are some of the biggest dances from the 80's.

The Electric Slide

This is still popular on the dance floor, especially at weddings.   Don't know how? First, take two steps to the right, then two steps to the left.  Take two steps back, starting with your right foot.  Bend down on your left knee and come back up.    Now turn as you swing your right should around and face the next direction.  Repeat starting with step one.  



It's not possible to think back to dancing in the 80's without Michael Jackson moonwalking and making it look so easy.  Put on that glove, those white socks and get ready to try this dance.  Lift your right leg and place the toes of your right foot facing the floor, about a foot behind your left leg.  Next, find the balance that's comfortable for you, such as keeping your feet between three and six inches apart.  Slide your left heel back and into the floor while leaning back on your right leg.  Snap the heel of your left foot off the floor while your right heel snaps the floor.  Repeat the previous two steps as you switch the roles of your left and right feet.  To create the illusion of moonwalking, move your head too.

The Cabbage Patch

Remember Cabbage Patch Dolls?  There was also the Cabbage Patch dance too.  First, shift your ribs to the left, then circle your torso to the right.  Go all the way around, then put your arms out in front of you.  Make fists with your hands and circle your arms in front of you.  Circle your entire body as you turn your arms and ribs.  Go as fast as you can.

The Robot

The key is to keep your body stiff, like a robot.  Basically, your put your arms in front of you and then to the side, keeping your body stiff and your face expressionless.  Bend over, moving your arms and legs like a robot, then freeze in that position.  Hold that and then repeat the whole process.

The Thriller Dance

Once again, the King Of Pop reigns supreme on the dance floor.   The Thriller video is still cool all these years later.  How do you do the Thriller dance?  Act like a zombie.  Your movements should be jerky, with lots of stomping and swinging of your arms and legs.  Slump your shoulders a lot too, and make claws with your hands as you swing them in front of you.  Scary faces go with this 80s dance too, so have some fun.

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