The 1980's are paying 2017 a visit.

Every generation has it's quintessential fashion item. The 60's had bell bottoms, the 70's had the polyester leisure suit and the 80's had the off-the-shoulder tops ala Flashdance that you wore with your double strap Reebok hi-tops.

They're ba-aack.

The Reebok hi-tops that you had in the 80's are making a comeback, and were found in a shop in Upstate NY. If you were lucky, you had the actual Reebok brand - if not, you had a non-brand version. Either way, you had to make a very important call: velcro the straps through the opposite side of the hi-top of just leave them velcro'ed, but not connected to the other side. Tough decisions.

Let's be honest, Reebok hi-tops weren't even close to the only fashion sin of the 80's. As evidence, let me present my prom picture from 1989, featuring the banana clip. (That's me in the middle.)

Beth's Prom
Credit: Beth's Mom

What about flourescent clothes? Let's talk about those off the shoulder Flashdance tops. How about your Cavaricci pants? Do any of these looks really need to come back?

What do you think? And if you want to share your pictures of your best 80's looks - post them on our Facebook page, or email them to




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