With the World's Largest Yard Sale happening at the Herkimer County Fairgrounds this Saturday, I thought I would share with you the best items to buy at a yard sale. You'll save the most money on these items, plus there is nothing wrong with these things being reused.

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    Toys for Kids

    Anything from those outdoor play houses, to Legos, to power-wheels, and everything in between. You can save hundreds of dollars buying these items at a yard sale.

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    Exercise Equipment

    A new treadmill, exercise bike, or weights can get pretty expensive, but if you pick up a used one at a yard sale you can save a ton of money!

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    Household Decorations

    You can pick up Christmas decorations in the middle of summer and save a lot of money. Or other 'everyday' decorations like vases and picture frames - all cheaper than if you bought it brand-new at the store.

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    Power Tools

    Brand-new power tools are a lot of money. You can get used ones at a yard sale pretty cheap.

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    This is number one on this list for a reason. You can pick up candles that have never been used (or used once or twice), for less than a dollar. That same candle brand-new at the store could be almost ten dollars. Candles are the biggest steal you can get at any yard sale.

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