Summer is almost here in Central New York and that means your Facebook News Feed is sure to be filled with photos like these...

We live in a society that LOVES to post everything we do, everything we see, and everything we eat on social media. We're not complaining, though. It's kind of nice to see what everyone else is up to (especially in the summer months when people start to get out and do more). Besides, if we didn't have social media how could we share our favorite pictures to post on Facebook, like these ones?

1. The Ice Cream from Local Shops

Wheeler Enjoying an Ice Cream Cone
Photo Credit: David Wheeler/TSM

Whether it's Nicky Doodles, Stewart's, The Ice Cream Factory, Dave's Diner, or any other of the thousands (okay, maybe not THAT many) places to get ice cream in Central New York - You're such to see at least one person taking a selfie with their cold treat.

2. Saranac Thursday

Photo From Saranac Thursday 2011
MaryJo Beach/TSM

There's no doubt you have at least one friend on Facebook who is a huge fan of Saranac Thursdays (you probably have quite a few). You'll probably see a few pictures posted from them throughout the summer from the brewery.

3. A Beautiful Sunset/Sunrise

Beautiful Sunrise in Central New York
Photo Credit: Polly Wog/TSM

With everyone being outside enjoying the nicer weather, and the fact that we keep our phones in our pockets or in our hands constantly - You're sure to see quite a few sunset and sunrise pics throughout the summer months.

 4. Food on the Grill

Grilled meat on barbecue grill

You can tell it's grilling season just by all the pictures showing up on Facebook. It seems like every time someone is outside grilling, they share a picture. Okay, maybe it's not "every time," but it is A LOT!

5. Rainbow

Rainbow and a Rainbow
Photo Credit: Left - David Wheeler/TSM, Right - Alan Crowhurst/Getty Images

Either one. You'll see them both on Facebook.



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