Gift cards are the ideal go to gift - they don't require too much thought, and you can wait until the very last minute to buy one. Too many of these gift cards go unused - which is why we need a 'Use Your Gift Card Day' here in CNY.

In your purse or wallet - or maybe lost in the junk drawer at home - you've probably got at least one gift card that you've been meaning to use. We just don't get around to it. Is it because it feels like you need to use it on something special, or for a special occasion?

That's why a 'Use Your Gift Card Day' is the perfect solution. If the powers that be can construct a made up holiday like Valentine's Day that dramatically increases the sales of chocolate and roses - surely whoever is in charge here can create a special day for us to use our gift cards and support all the local businesses that are hoping that visit we make - using someone else's money - will turn us into loyal customers.

5 Reasons CNY Needs a 'Use Your Gift Card' Day

  1. It will get you out to local businesses. #shoplocal
  2. It will give you a jump start on spring cleaning.
  3. You might visit a restaurant or other business you've never tried - and LOVE IT.
  4. You'll be able to tell the person that gave you the gift card that you finally used it.
  5. You'll be giving yourself a little treat - and who doesn't need a treat at the end of a CNY winter?

We've put together a petition to present to Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente, Jr to ask him to create a 'Use Your Gift Card Day' - take a minute and sign it now - when we reach 100 signatures, we'll present it to the County Executive!

Let's make this happen!



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