Five colleges in upstate NY have earned the dubious distinction of being among the top party schools in the country. Great.

When you're paying a small fortune to send your kid to school, you're hoping that they're getting a solid education - not a hangover. It turns out, it depends on the school they're going to. has ranked colleges across the United States to find the "Top Party Schools" in the country. The rankings are based on things like student reviews and nightlife statistics. "Top party colleges have a vibrant and diverse party scene - they offer fun options both on and off campus and students rate their peers as being fun, friendly, and into partying." I think that translates to something like there are a lot of bars and a big Greek scene.

Syracuse University - which was recently ranked the top "Booty Call" school by the Princeton Review came in as the biggest party school in NYS, and #27 overall.

Four others in NYS cracked the Top 100 (just like you'd crack open a cold beer, I guess):

  • SUNY Oswego
  • SUNY Oneonta
  • Colgate University
  • SUNY Cortland

(Author's note: my daughter will be attending Oswego in the fall, so you can imagine how EXCITED I am to see this on this list - it's just fantastic.)

If you're JUST looking at NYS, more SUNY schools made the list:

1. Syracuse University
2. New York University
3. The New School
4. SUNY Oswego
5. SUNY Oneonta
6. Colgate University
7. SUNY Cortland
8. Parsons School of Design
9. University of Albany, SUNY
10. Binghamton University, SUNY

If you want to see the full list, check out

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