The latest snowstorm to hit Central New York had many schools closing before the snow even began falling. Let's make the most of this day off.

Make Lunch Together

We would suggest going out and getting breakfast or lunch from a diner or restaurant you've never been to before, but the roadways are pretty bad out there, so it's probably best to just stay home. Why not make a meal together? You can make something really cool by visiting: This website allows you to put in the ingredients you already have in your home, and it finds a recipe for you.

Play Outside

When's the last time you actually enjoyed the snowfall? When's the last time you made a snow angel or a snowman? This snowstorm is the perfect opportunity to just "be a kid again," and get outside and play. Hey, we're not judging, plus you're kids will probably LOVE the fact that you decided to get out in the snow with them. Snowball fight, anyone?!

Do Some Crafts

Alright, so it's the middle of the day, the kids already played outside, had lunch, and now they're getting bored. Why not use this time to spend some quality family time together creating something instead of zoning out in front of the TV? A quick google search for "craft ideas" or "snow experiments" can turn a regular day into an adventure.

Puzzles and Games

Seems so "old-school" these days, but it's the perfect snow day activity. What about building a puzzle? I know I have boxes and boxes AND BOXES of puzzles that I haven't touched in years. Today is a good day to get a few of them out and build them, together, as a family.

Hot Cocoa and a Movie

You have to end your snow day fun on a good note... And we think a nice cup of delicious hot cocoa and a family movie is a great way to do that. Try to find something on TV your family hasn't seen before. Oh, and don't forget the popcorn.

BONUS - Why not take photos of the snow falling? Try to get a bunch of scenic pictures of the snow collecting on the trees, the giant snowflakes, and when it's snowing so hard, you can't see that far off into the distance. Don't forget to get a few photos of the kids playing in the snow. Hey, and if you feel up to it, we would love to see your pictures! You can send them in through the Lite 98.7 App. Below is a video that shows you how to send those photos in:

We hope you enjoy your snow day. And if you weren't lucky enough to get a snow day today (or your kids are off, but you still had to make it into work), winter isn't over yet. There's still a chance for a full family day off because of the weather.




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