Everyone knows about the insane weather here, but there are other ways you can be completely sure you're living in Central New York.

One of the first clues that'll tell you you're in Central New York (aside from GPS) is the fact that you literally can experience all the seasons in basically one day - and two of those seasons are winter.

Beyond that, there are things that are so quintessentially CNY, that you can only shake your head.

6 Ways you KNOW You Live in Central New York

  1. Some type of farm animal blocks your way to work. (see photo above)
  2. Your kid's Halloween costume needs to be designed to be worn with a winter coat, and so does their Easter outfit.
  3. The biggest gamble you make every year isn't at the casino, it's whether to pay per snow plow or for the whole winter season.
  4. You're as likely to be stuck behind some kind of farm equipment driving 10 MPH on  a major roadway as you are to be stuck behind someone's grandma driving 10 MPH.
  5. The opening of a major chain restaurant is a VERY BIG DEAL - even if there are dozens of local restaurants that offer the same food (I'm looking at you, Olive Garden.)
  6. You've stood outside a seasonal ice cream shop in a coat to buy an ice cream cone.

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