It happens to the best of us: you're late for work. But what do you tell your boss? Here are 7 excuses that only a Central New Yorker could use. conducted a survey about the best excuse people have used for being late. They included things like "my eyelashes were stuck together" and a guy who said he had morning sickness. There are some excuses that are only plausible in Central New York.

7 Central New York Excuses for Being Late for Work

1. Sorry, there was a cow loose in my yard and I had to wait until they caught him.

Credit: Jennifer Stiffler
Credit: Jennifer Stiffler

2. I got stuck in my own driveway after the plow went by.

3. I lost my car after Saranac Thursday.

4. I got a flat tire driving over a pothole in (fill in your town).

5. The roads were closed because of the (multiple choice: Boilermaker, Heart Run and Walk, Ride for Missing Children, any parade).

Boilermaker 2017 Runners

6. Up late last night at an impromptu concert by Rainbow on Varick Street.

Rainbow Outside a Bar on Varick Street
Naomi Lynn/TSM

7. A skunk sprayed my dog in the backyard.


Of course, there's always the old "my car is floating down the Arterial" excuse, but you'd need to be really convincing with that one. 

Are we missing any excuses? Tell us in the comments!


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